Careers Opportunity

  1. Student can provide his/her service as a Computer Faculty.
  2. Student can work as a Computer Operator.
  3. Student can start his/her own Computer Center.
  4. Student be a Hardware Professional.
  5. Student can start Mobile Repairing Center.
  6. Student can start his own business of DTP.
  7. Student can apply in an Office, School, and Institutions etc.

Identity Card

  1. On confirmation of admission each student is issued an Identity Card which certifies that the holder is a bonafied student of the institute, till the date of validity as specified in the card.
  2. The Identity Card permits the holder to attend theoretical and practical classes. Every bonafide student of the institute must carry this card at all times within the premises of the institute.
  3. No student will be permitted to appear in any examination of the Institute without a valid Identity Card.
  4. Loss of the Identity Card must be intimated to The Centre Director immediately, in writing, along with a application copy through the head of the concerned centre.


The Institute has a state-of-the art library with large number of books. Students are not allowed to borrow books from the library, but can use it extensively for their reference studies.


  1. All students of the Institute are requested to ensure the observance of the following code of discipline for successful completion of the course.
  2. All notices issued by the Institute to the students at any time require mandatory reading and strict obedience.
  3. Any act or conduct of a student which interrupts, interferes or disrupts the functioning of the Institute or impairs the good relationship between the Institute and its students will be treated as breach of discipline and the student will be liable to pay a fine or be subject to expulsion or both as the Institute may deem fit.
  4. Students in class rooms must remain disciplined and quiet at all times, irrespective of whether there is a teacher in the class or not. Rowdiness of any kind, disturbing neighboring classrooms will not be tolerated.
  5. Smoking, chewing tobacco and consumption of alcoholic liquor or psychotropic substances is prohibited within the premises of the Institute.
  6. Students shall observe all safety precautions. The Institute is not responsible for injury or accidents whatsoever of whatever nature to the students in the workshop or Practical Laboratory. Institute shall only provide First-Aid to the students.
  7. Usage of any instrument, gadget or device such as radios, pagers or mobile phones which is likely to disturb the class is strictly prohibited inside a classroom. Any emergency calls may be attended outside the classroom after taking due permission of the faculty member conducting the class.
  8. Misbehavior with teaching/non-teaching/office staff or any other student of the Institute may lead to disciplinary action including expulsion of the student from the Institute.
  9. Meetings, gatherings and conventions are not permitted in the campus of the Institute without prior written permission from the management.
  10. Inconveniences and grievances suffered by any student or a group of students should be brought to the notice of the Head of the Centre.

Class Timing

Classes are held in different shifts from early morning to late evening every day according to routine and time table prepared and notified by the Heads of the Centres concerned. The routine and timetable are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the concerned Heads of Centres.


  1. Students are required to attend classes punctually and regularly as per class routine.
  2. No student will be allowed to enter a classroom more than five minutes after the commencement of a class without the permission of the class teacher or Head of the Center.A student absent for more than three consecutive days is required to provide an explanation of the reason for absence in writing on the date of joining to the Head of the Centre along with proof of reason for absence if deemed necessary
  3. A student absent for more than three consecutive days is required to provide an explanation of the reason for absence in writing on the date of joining to the Head of the Center along with proof of reason for absence if deemed necessary
  4. Absence without notice for more than one month will lead to removal of the student’s name from the Attendance Register. This is subject to discussion with the management after submission of proper & satisfactory documents/reasons for such absence. Moreover, the Institute will not be responsible for the loss of tuition and attendance in such cases.
  5. A student must attend 70% or greater in theoretical and 80% or greater in practical classes (including Communicative English classes for courses of duration one year and above) in each semester to be eligible for the final examination as a regular candidate.

Transfer Information

  1. Students are not permitted to transfer their location of study.
  2. Students are always advised to consider the choice of course carefully prior to admission. Transfer from one course to another is not allowed.
  3. Transfer of session is not allowed.


  1. The Institute offers courses with annual scholarship under the “VIDYAJYOTI SCHOLORSHIP” Scheme at the end of each year.
  2. MICS offers 100% scholarship to the poor and meritorious students under the “VIDYAJYOTI SCHOLORSHIP” Scheme.


On the basis of general aptitude, admission test and interview, full scholarship is awarded to the candidate who fulfills the required criteria. 

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